Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Minimalistic Wallets – More Than Simple Waterproof Money Holders For Men

We can’t really do away with wallets completely, can we? But we certainly can do away with those huge, bulky, overweight wallets carrying everything short of diapers for the baby, right?  Wondering how?

The new, slim minimalistic wallets give all that you need in a wallet: space, style and strength. They are made from a lightweight but very durable material. These wallets provide just the convenience you need - space to carry your most frequently used cards and some cash, keeping all that you need within reach, and looks much better than just a simple waterproof money holder for men. It is actually the ultimate statement of what being chic means.

Here’s why we’re nuts for these minimalistic, slim wallets, which I can rightly call magic wallets:

  •  Ease of use – These wallets gives you quick access to your cash and cards, saving your time. They can also fit into the smallest pocket, without slipping out, so you can easily place it in your front pocket and retrieve it when you need to use it. 

  • Style and color – As they come in a vast array of colors and styles, you can find one in just the color and style that you want. A magic wallet has something to offer for everyone, and that’s what makes it so popular.

  • Compact – In slim wallets, you can easily carry and retrieve the cards that you use most frequently. They are designed to offer more space than regular wallets but do not allow you to carry litter such as old receipts and bills. Despite their seemingly small size, you can fit up to 10 cards as well as some cash within them - just your basic essentials. 

  • Quality, durable material – From the traditional leather wallets, which discolor and become unsightly with time, technology has brought us to silicone and neoprene, which are lightweight, but not at the expense of durability. They offer many advantages over leather, and are so lightweight that they can even float in water. So if you were to drop your wallet during a water excursion, you can be sure that it would float within a few short moments, and you’ll find your cash and cards dry and intact. These waterproof money-holders for men are also easily cleaned and maintained.

  • Security – Magic wallets are very slim, just about the size of your average credit card, thus they do not   make that conspicuous bulge in your back pocket that everyone can see. They almost ‘hide’ in your pocket, and can fit in your front pocket. This greatly reduces the risk of losing it to petty thieves, or by an accidental drop. Chances of dropping other contents while retrieving something from the wallet are also significantly lessened.

Minimalistic wallets are readily available from many sellers over the Internet. Order one of these magic wallets today, and join the ranks of satisfied owners. You can even get one in each of your favorite colors!

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