Monday, 20 January 2014

Get a Magic Wallet for your Life Makeover

Bulky Wallet
We are well into our way of another year, from where we are about to set off a new journey. It's also the time to make our lives free from all kinds of clutter. You spruce up your home, your wardrobe, buy new things and more. But what about your worn out, old bulky wallet? Maybe it's time you change the way you have been carrying your cash and credit cards. All you need to do is replace your leather wallet with a minimalist magic wallet. No, it's not a mythical wallet that can change things like a magic wand. What it can do is clear the clutter from your lifestyle, and make you move lighter. Now, you needn't hesitate when going fishing, boating or to perform your favorite sport. Your new wallet won't slip out, and even if it does, it will float in the water!

Ice Fishing
The winter season has already set in, and you may want to go out for ice fishing or venture out for a boat ride on a sunny day. These activities may call for getting a little wet. Especially for fishing, you need to carry some equipment such as fishing gear, drills, and a stool, which would already slow you down. So, carrying a light-weight wallet will save some space in your clothing and help you avoid discomfort. These wallets have outer bands that can snug your cash/cards, and makes it light enough to float. Also, if you are fond of water sports or skiing, your water-resistant wallet will soak up sweat, water or melting snow. This will prevent any damage that happens to your belongings.

People who are always on-the-move need something lighter to carry that much needed cash and a few credit cards. These are the 'must have' stuff they need. The neoprene and silicon layered wallets are flexible and stretchable to fit multiple cards. You can also sort and take out any of these cards quite easily whenever needed. You can use it for various purposes as it quickly moves over from everyday wallet to a sports accessory in a seamless manner. Issues such as heat, sweat, dirt, humidity or water won't ruin your wallet again. Apart from these utilities or multitasking, these wallets are trendy, and the different colors go with various seasons.

Are you still wondering what’s so magical about it? You can find the answer yourself. If you flip your leather wallet open and turn it upside down, your cash, cards and receipts will probably slip out and scatter all over. Now, do the same trick with your magic wallet, or even more, shake it or toss it. You will see that nothing will fall out as durable outer bands keep things completely secured by making it slip-free. So, it will change your way of living for the better.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

No Fold Wallets – Less is More

A wallet complements a lifestyle. A slim wallet without any folds is in fashion. In this electronic age of online banking, going out with limited cash and carrying important credit and debit cards is essential. Convenience, accessibility and functionality are provided by the no fold wallet for men and women.

What to Carry in Your Wallet?

Funnel down your wallet contents. The essentials that your wallet should hold are as follows:

Cash - Cash is accepted everywhere. Keeping some smaller bills and a few larger bills is ok. At some places, using cash can make transactions convenient and fast. For example, it’s essential when paying your taxi driver or a street vendor. Paying in cash for some commodities can save you from extra credit card fees.

Credit cards - Holding two credit cards is enough. Your cards may be with good limit amounts, so carrying more is not recommended. It’s appropriate to make heavy payments as this saves you from carrying cash.

Debit cards – Always carry a debit card with you. This gives you access to money in your checking account. Keep a check on your daily expenses to avoid paying any extra fees in case of over limit expenditures. If you own a business, keep a business debit card with you to keep your personal and professional expenses separate.

IDs – It is a proof of your legal identity. A driver’s license must always be in your wallet. A professional ID or student ID card requirement arises depending on the places you visit.

Business card – It’s good practice to carry a few business cards with you. You never know when an opportunity knocks. Exchanging business cards reflects professionalism.

Medical insurance card – The majority of people keep medical insurance cards safely at home. It should not be; keep your card in your wallet. In case of a medical emergency, the information mentioned on this card is required.

Discount cards – These cards are not used frequently; but add unnecessary bulk in the wallet. Carry the bar code information about these numerous cards on single paper and you are ready to use all the cards anytime and anywhere.

A minimalist wallet is required to accommodate the above mentioned essentials. The wallets made up of neoprene material are slip resistant and keep the content snugly fitted. Safeguarding the wallet content and the wallet itself is important. Varying in different colors, styles and material, these wallets can be bought from online stores at reasonable rates. Reputed stores add value to your shopping experience by offering free shipping.

Flaunting an elegant no fold wallet is a style statement. Be on time, be trendy!

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Compact, Front Pocket Wallets: Great for People on the Go

Compact wallet
In today’s fast moving world, our lifestyle is going through a massive transformation. Across the world, billions and trillions of dollars go into extensive research, all for making the world a better place to live! Big and small innovations are taking place globally to enhance the way we live, work and progress. With so much happening around us all the time, it is worth making our life as comfortable as we can. From gadgets to convenience foods, comfortable homes and transportation; we leave no stone unturned to indulge in the best luxuries that we can manage around us. Just like other things that we use- clothing, footwear and accessories, something that is very important to us is our precious wallet! While we step out for our daily work, entertainment or shopping, our wallet goes with us.

Need for slim wallets:
Benifits of slim wallets

It is never too late to give our wallet the attention it deserves. A wallet is normally used to store cash, credit cards, ID cards, driving licenses, pictures, important receipts and similar stuff. Many people end-up using them as “hold-alls”, and the result is an unruly accessory that they are not really pleased with, but continue to use nevertheless! Let us see some disadvantages of traditional leather wallets-

Too bulky for comfort- The traditional leather or metallic wallets, with so many partitions in them become quite bulky and cumbersome to use. Moreover, many men, who keep their wallets in their back pocket, complain of severe back pain because of the weight that these money holders add. The clutter in these makes it difficult to look for the card you want to use, immediately. Also, the foldable wallets can damage the credit cards. Last but not the least, that bulge in the pocket is something everyone can do away with!

Poor Quality- New leather wallets look great, but over a period of time, they wear down. Over stuffed wallets begin to rip at the seams, on prolonged use.

Leather Wallet
Visual appeal- Leather wallets tend to accumulate dirt and grime, making them look untidy, after a while. Their texture and color change with prolonged use. Also, overstuffed wallets are not pleasant to look at or use.

Ease of use- Leather wallets lose their functionality, after a while. They become cumbersome with all the stuff that goes into them. Using bulky money holders is very inconvenient, especially when one wants to remain carefree and travel light.

Safety features- The foldable leather wallets are not safe when travelling, hiking or partying! These bulging
Safety in bulky wallet
accessories can fall out from your pocket and are easily spotted by pick-pockets. Moreover, while one rummages through the contents, one can drop something out of them and not even notice that something is missing. If a wallet falls in water by mistake, it might sink and all the content might get wet.

Advantages of using compact wallets: Compact front pocket wallets are much better than the conventional leather or metallic wallets. Some reasons why they are gaining popularity are-

Compact Wallet
Compact- A slim wallet is small enough to be every user’s favorite, but can expand easily to hold 10-12 cards and some cash. The thin wallets are loved for their size. These compact men’s wallets are ideal for students, businessman, sports enthusiasts and corporate executives. These make good wallets for women as well.

Contents remains safe- A slim wallet is best to keep credit cards, ID cards and cash safe and secure. The snug fitting ensures that nothing falls out of them and it is easy to retrieve the contents from them. Moreover, most of these wallets are made of neoprene or silicone, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. The material is waterproof and does not get damaged by heat or moisture. In fact, they can float on water, keeping the contents safe and dry.

Versatile- Use it while you travel to work or college, carry them in your pocket on your next fishing trip, when you go swimming at the beach or at the bar with your buddies! They can be used practically anywhere.

Convenient to carry- Light in weight and compact in size, they are convenient to carry all the time. Extremely easy to use, these magic wallets can slip into the front pockets of all kinds of bottom wear, without causing any discomfort. One can conveniently carry important and frequently used cards in them along with some cash. Frequent travelers love these unique wallets.

Waterproof- Made of new age materials such as neoprene and silicon, these minimalist wallets are water
Waterproof Wallet
resistant. Their waterproof quality makes them a much wanted accessory among water sports enthusiasts. Whether one is snorkeling, diving, wake-boarding, out for boating, or just going to an amusement park or a water park, these wallets are definitely a must-have to carry the essentials. Even if one gets wet completely, these waterproof money holders keep the stuff safe and dry.

Appearance- The ultra-thin neoprene wallets are a class apart from the normally boring leather wallets. Available in a variety of colors, there is one to appeal to everyone! One can buy these wallets in multiple colors to match different outfits and their moods. Sleek and colorful, these unique wallets are loved by all.

From where to buy Slim Wallets:

One can buy these magic wallets from online stores. These wallets are very popular among shoppers. One can search online for amazing discounts and deals, to save money and shop in the most convenient manner. It is important to choose a reputed, reliable retailer. Rather than buying cheap options, one should select a branded slim wallet. Most websites selling such products require a very simple procedure to be followed and they ship all orders on time. Moreover, leading brands for slim wallets offer exemplary customer service to attract buyers, leading to customer-delight. Simple and customer oriented terms and conditions of online stores have changed the way people shop. Rather than physically visiting a store, people prefer to shop online.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Perfect Wallets-less Hassles, More Value

Wojo Wallet
A wallet is an accessory that a man can’t live without! Not only does it hold money, but it also holds important ID cards, credit cards and numerous business cards that can’t be lost. Apart from being a perfect and practical accessory for carrying the essentials, wallets also reflect a man's personality. Wallets are to men, what handbags are to women- an important definition of their style quotient! A perfect wallet can be just the right style statement.

Wallets are so essential to men that they keep everything important in them, all the time. Apart from the necessities such as cash and cards, there are receipts, business cards, and many more things that one might never use. These stuffs keep adding weight to their wallets; making them cluttered and out of shape. Most men spend a fortune on leather wallets, only to see it mitigated with all the stuff they keep filling them with. The irony is, most of the “essential” things in the wallet are barely used.

On an average, a person uses a maximum of 5-6 credit cards apart from the ID cards that lie in their wallets. It is time to reconsider the big wallets that men carry around in their pockets. Out of shape wallets will rip at the seams with leather that has worn out. Let’s not forget the bulging pockets and the constant back pain due to those heavy wallets that are stuffed with paper. Most people dream of a magic wallet that is stylish, slim, attractive and practical, all at the same time. These days one can find unique wallets that are made of neoprene and silicone. Such wallets demand low maintenance. They are able to carry up to 12 credit cards, and cash as well. Being water resistant, these perfect wallets remain intact even in the harshest of conditions. Use them during water sports or cycling activities to keep all your essentials dry, safe and secure.

One can find these slim wallets in many stores or buy them online. Most online retailers even ship them to the buyer's home. One can choose from attractive colors. Buyers can log on to retailer's website for a hassle-free shopping experience. It is best to buy a branded minimalist wallet. Most online retailers sell branded and high- quality wallets.

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