Monday, 24 February 2014

Why Use a No-Fold Wallet

For some people, a wallet is just a flat case to carry their money, IDs, credit cards and receipts. For others, a wallet is among the most important accessories they own. While some people never give a second thought to the one and only wallet they use, others own a whole collection of wallets of various kinds!

Let us talk about how a “bad” wallet can drop your style quotient and what all goes into making a wallet a stylish accessory.

What makes a wallet look (and act) bad?
All wallets look great when new. Then we start using them to store bills, credit cards, IDs, small pictures, business cards, receipts, ticket stubs… and the list just keeps adding up! Most people overlook the fact that they use only about 4-5 cards regularly apart from their regular ID’s and some bills. Most other cards, such as loyalty or bonus cards, membership cards, business cards, etc., lie in a wallet for no reason. In fact an average wallet might contain up to 10 useless or expired cards!

Over stuffing a wallet causes it to be out of shape. Bulging compartments in a wallet ultimately lead to ripping seams, making the contents unsafe. Moreover, whether one uses a leather wallet or a metallic one, its outer surface is prone to damage by grime, dust, water and heat.

What is the way out?
A far cry from the boring and bulky traditional folding wallets, these days one can find a variety of slim wallets. They are simple no-fold wallets made of neoprene and silicone. These wallets look trendy and are very convenient to use. Let us talk about the benefits of using no fold wallets for men and women:
  • No fold men’s wallets look stylish
  • Extremely light weight
  • No fold wallets for women are available in a variety of colors
  • Unlike a folding wallet, they never get cluttered
  • They are safe to use as they fit well into smallest of pockets
  • They are easy to retrieve the contents from
  • Being compact and slim, they do not lay stress on the dress pockets
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Their neoprene material grips to the users clothing, eliminating the risk of the wallet slipping out 
 Where to buy perfect wallets?The answer to this lies at our fingertips! Yes, with the internet, we can get these funky, cool minimalist wallets using our fingertips. One can search online for slim wallets.

Many online retailers sell these trendy no fold wallets. Look for a reputed brand online. Browse through the retailer website and check out the images of wallets. Most websites describe the products well, giving a fair idea about the products listed in the online catalogs.

One can simply make an online payment and get the wallets home delivered as per the website’s shipping terms. Most retailers offer standard free shipping on a minimum order.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

A Floating Wallet- My best Companion

Floating wallet
Have you ever tried a full-day outing in the wilderness, bonding with nature at its best? One has to do it to experience the amazing beauty and thrill that nature has in store for us! Nothing beats stress like being away from work and the overwhelming pressure that life puts on us. Going on a holiday with loved ones is among the most rejuvenating activities one can do.

While I insist that a break from the routine and boring life enlivens one’s soul, it is important to add that one must use the right clothing, accessories and equipment. The apt gear can do a lot in making a day out worth every minute one spends with nature.

Most of us who love to go out and explore nature must have at some point in time felt that carrying too much stuff around is a bad idea. Simple and comfortable clothing is good, but accessories must be basic. In fact, even something as small as a leather wallet can be a pain to move around with. To be comfortable on a nature walk, trekking cycling or hiking, heavy and bulky wallets must be avoided at all costs! It makes sense to shed the extra load. You do not really need you receipts and business cards handy, do you?

These days one can find amazing compact wallets that help one store the basic things such as frequently used credit cards, an ID-card or two, along with some handy cash. Such minimalist wallets can hold the essentials well. These magic wallets are also popular as floating wallets as they can float on the water’s surface as they are very light and are waterproof as well. They do not damage cash and cards if dropped in the water and they are easy to retrieve.

Such wallets, made of Neoprene are famous as commonly used by men and women as they are unisex light weight traveling wallets. Available in a myriad of colors, there is a color to suit every mood and occasion. Carry a slim wallet while traveling to work, while you hang out with friends or for the girl’s night out; you will love how these wallets help you move around in style!

One can buy these slim wallets online through a simple procedure and get them shipped at your doorstep. A great accessory while one explores the outdoors, these wallets make ideal gifts as well.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cool Traveling Wallets for your Next Hiking Trip

Are you among those who love traveling and bonding with nature? Does the thought of a trip out in nature excite you to no limits? It just takes a little sparkle of enthusiasm to tread on a hiking trip.

One mantra of any hiking activity is…travel light! Yes, travel only with the stuff you might need and use. That is the whole idea; get out of the home zone and bond with nature. Let us talk about some essential stuff to carry on a hiking trip:

Waterproof Wallets from Alenna on Vimeo.

Accessories- Get your plastics and cash in order by using a hiking wallet or a traveling wallet. Traveling wallets are a good idea to carry just the stuff you need when you are out. Such wallets are specially designed and created to bear extreme conditions. They are made of neoprene and silicone, waterproof and easy to clean. Heat or sweat does not affect their structure. These magic wallets keep the bills and cards safe. These days, many hiking or cycling wallets are available online. One can check-out some really cool and funky wallets that offer more in spite of their small size. One can conveniently buy them online and have them delivered at their doorstep. There has never been a better package of convenience, style and functionality as ever before! Don’t forget to get some cool sippers and a sports watch that look stylish and complete your overall look.

First-aid- Keep some swabs, ointments and painkillers handy. Bandages are a must-have. It is worth keeping the numbers of nearby hospitals handy… just in case you might need them!

Clothing- Depending on your destination, carry appropriate clothing. Choose waterproof clothing. Avoid cottons if the weather is expected to be chilly as cottons are bad insulators. Go for layered clothing, which can simply be peeled off, if you feel too warm. Don’t miss the caps, gloves, socks, innerwear and boots.

Backpack- Choose a backpack that can hold a lot without causing any discomfort to you. Prefer “fit” more than “style”.

Tent- The kind and size of tent depends on the destination, weather, and the number of people to share the tent with.

While many go hiking for fun and adventure, hiking has a lot of health benefits as well. Hiking enhances cardio-respiratory fitness & muscle growth. It reduces stress, depression and leads to an active mind and body, which makes hiking a great indulgence. It’s never too late to reap the benefits of a great hiking activity. Just make up your mind, get ready and set out for an amazing hiking experience!

Once you have the above points in order, you are all set. However, it is good to check with experienced hikers for any more details! So gear up… and enjoy!

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Rubber Band Wallets - Simple and Safe

Rubber Band Wallet
Wallets are the convenient method of organizing and carrying IDs, payment cards (debit and credit) and cash. They are available in various styles, sizes, and colors. Different materials used in the construction of wallets offer varied advantages. The rubber band wallets are the winners when security of a wallet and its contents are considered.

Placing a rubber band around the wallet creates friction in the pocket. This defeat the pick pockets when they target your pockets for the wallet. Rubber bands are manufactured from natural rubber because of its superior elastic nature.

Rubber Band Wallet
The internet is the best source to look for such an innovative wallet. Under the wallets for men category, one can find rubber band wallets in various colors. A rubber band is provided on the outside of the wallet. The color combination between the color of wallet and the rubber band looks sharp. Stocking cash in this magic band and placing your ID and credit cards in the compartment provided is the safest deal.

The security of your wallet can be enhanced by placing the wallet in your front pocket or zipped pocket. The target areas of pickpockets are generally back trouser pockets, sports jackets, suit coat pockets and unbuttoned pockets. Avoid keeping your wallet in such locations. Never pat your pocket in public to check the wallet’s existence. This simply informs the criminals about your valuables location. Large sized pockets are an open invitation to pickpockets. Don’t carry much cash in a single pocket. It’s a good idea to use two wallets to distribute the cash and place the wallets in two different pockets.

The rubber band wallets made up of neoprene or silicone are in high demand. This material has anti-slip property that does not allow the wallet to bulge out of the pocket. One can plan to go out for any activity may it be cycling, hiking, trekking, fishing, or even partying with this wallet. It’s ideal for any location. The waterproof feature allows you to take it to amusement parks or for any water sports such as swimming, scuba diving or rafting. The heat resistant property limits the expandability of the wallet after prolonged use. The durability and maintenance free features add value to the wallet.

Summarizing, rubber band wallets are simple and safe to load and use. They are perfect wallets for men.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How Wallet Colors Help in Wealth Accumulation?

Wojo WalletColors have energy. It influences our mind, our personality and our behavior. Similarly, the color of your wallet makes a big difference when it comes to wealth. Take tips from Feng Shui to pick an effective wallet color that develops the connection between you and your wallet.

Why to follow Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy from ancient times. This perfect blend of science and air establishes a balance between energies. It focuses on bringing harmony between human and its surroundings.  In the western world, people take Feng Shui experts’ advice on interior designing. Now the scope of Feng Shui is expanding to other domains of life.

Wallet Color Selection Based on Feng Shui
Following certain Feng Shui principles can help in attracting money to your wallet. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Just be careful in the color selection of your wallet and make it a Feng Shui tool.

Red Wallet: Red is the color of success and strength. It is the best color to bring in wealth. Holding a red wallet makes you feel active and energetic.  It helps in boosting energy.

Green Wallet: This color is associated with growth, wealth and cash. It’s like adding plants to your home that makes the environment fresh and fills with positive energy. Similarly, a green wallet brings new income opportunities. It contributes positively to your financial situation. Green is also a symbol of creativity, so it’s preferred by business people to get more ideas for wealth creation.

Blue Wallet: The color blue belongs to water and represents movement. Blue color brings peace and calmness, so if it’s your favorite, you’d better use it. This color helps in overcoming lack of confidence.

Additional Feng Shui Tips
  • Apart from color, here are some more tips that can help you to attract and accumulate wealth:
  • Always keep aside some money in your wallet that can be used in the case of emergency.
  • Keep your wallet clean. If your wallet is damaged, stop using it. Start with a fresh new wallet.
  • Avoid keeping receipts as they symbolize used money and attract debt.
  • Never throw your wallet on the ground and always keep it in a safe place.

Your wallet content defines your social standing and financial health. It’s time to splash cash on an upgrade. Enjoy welcoming wealth!

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