Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How Wallet Colors Help in Wealth Accumulation?

Wojo WalletColors have energy. It influences our mind, our personality and our behavior. Similarly, the color of your wallet makes a big difference when it comes to wealth. Take tips from Feng Shui to pick an effective wallet color that develops the connection between you and your wallet.

Why to follow Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy from ancient times. This perfect blend of science and air establishes a balance between energies. It focuses on bringing harmony between human and its surroundings.  In the western world, people take Feng Shui experts’ advice on interior designing. Now the scope of Feng Shui is expanding to other domains of life.

Wallet Color Selection Based on Feng Shui
Following certain Feng Shui principles can help in attracting money to your wallet. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Just be careful in the color selection of your wallet and make it a Feng Shui tool.

Red Wallet: Red is the color of success and strength. It is the best color to bring in wealth. Holding a red wallet makes you feel active and energetic.  It helps in boosting energy.

Green Wallet: This color is associated with growth, wealth and cash. It’s like adding plants to your home that makes the environment fresh and fills with positive energy. Similarly, a green wallet brings new income opportunities. It contributes positively to your financial situation. Green is also a symbol of creativity, so it’s preferred by business people to get more ideas for wealth creation.

Blue Wallet: The color blue belongs to water and represents movement. Blue color brings peace and calmness, so if it’s your favorite, you’d better use it. This color helps in overcoming lack of confidence.

Additional Feng Shui Tips
  • Apart from color, here are some more tips that can help you to attract and accumulate wealth:
  • Always keep aside some money in your wallet that can be used in the case of emergency.
  • Keep your wallet clean. If your wallet is damaged, stop using it. Start with a fresh new wallet.
  • Avoid keeping receipts as they symbolize used money and attract debt.
  • Never throw your wallet on the ground and always keep it in a safe place.

Your wallet content defines your social standing and financial health. It’s time to splash cash on an upgrade. Enjoy welcoming wealth!

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