Monday, 20 January 2014

Get a Magic Wallet for your Life Makeover

Bulky Wallet
We are well into our way of another year, from where we are about to set off a new journey. It's also the time to make our lives free from all kinds of clutter. You spruce up your home, your wardrobe, buy new things and more. But what about your worn out, old bulky wallet? Maybe it's time you change the way you have been carrying your cash and credit cards. All you need to do is replace your leather wallet with a minimalist magic wallet. No, it's not a mythical wallet that can change things like a magic wand. What it can do is clear the clutter from your lifestyle, and make you move lighter. Now, you needn't hesitate when going fishing, boating or to perform your favorite sport. Your new wallet won't slip out, and even if it does, it will float in the water!

Ice Fishing
The winter season has already set in, and you may want to go out for ice fishing or venture out for a boat ride on a sunny day. These activities may call for getting a little wet. Especially for fishing, you need to carry some equipment such as fishing gear, drills, and a stool, which would already slow you down. So, carrying a light-weight wallet will save some space in your clothing and help you avoid discomfort. These wallets have outer bands that can snug your cash/cards, and makes it light enough to float. Also, if you are fond of water sports or skiing, your water-resistant wallet will soak up sweat, water or melting snow. This will prevent any damage that happens to your belongings.

People who are always on-the-move need something lighter to carry that much needed cash and a few credit cards. These are the 'must have' stuff they need. The neoprene and silicon layered wallets are flexible and stretchable to fit multiple cards. You can also sort and take out any of these cards quite easily whenever needed. You can use it for various purposes as it quickly moves over from everyday wallet to a sports accessory in a seamless manner. Issues such as heat, sweat, dirt, humidity or water won't ruin your wallet again. Apart from these utilities or multitasking, these wallets are trendy, and the different colors go with various seasons.

Are you still wondering what’s so magical about it? You can find the answer yourself. If you flip your leather wallet open and turn it upside down, your cash, cards and receipts will probably slip out and scatter all over. Now, do the same trick with your magic wallet, or even more, shake it or toss it. You will see that nothing will fall out as durable outer bands keep things completely secured by making it slip-free. So, it will change your way of living for the better.

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