Friday, 17 January 2014

No Fold Wallets – Less is More

A wallet complements a lifestyle. A slim wallet without any folds is in fashion. In this electronic age of online banking, going out with limited cash and carrying important credit and debit cards is essential. Convenience, accessibility and functionality are provided by the no fold wallet for men and women.

What to Carry in Your Wallet?

Funnel down your wallet contents. The essentials that your wallet should hold are as follows:

Cash - Cash is accepted everywhere. Keeping some smaller bills and a few larger bills is ok. At some places, using cash can make transactions convenient and fast. For example, it’s essential when paying your taxi driver or a street vendor. Paying in cash for some commodities can save you from extra credit card fees.

Credit cards - Holding two credit cards is enough. Your cards may be with good limit amounts, so carrying more is not recommended. It’s appropriate to make heavy payments as this saves you from carrying cash.

Debit cards – Always carry a debit card with you. This gives you access to money in your checking account. Keep a check on your daily expenses to avoid paying any extra fees in case of over limit expenditures. If you own a business, keep a business debit card with you to keep your personal and professional expenses separate.

IDs – It is a proof of your legal identity. A driver’s license must always be in your wallet. A professional ID or student ID card requirement arises depending on the places you visit.

Business card – It’s good practice to carry a few business cards with you. You never know when an opportunity knocks. Exchanging business cards reflects professionalism.

Medical insurance card – The majority of people keep medical insurance cards safely at home. It should not be; keep your card in your wallet. In case of a medical emergency, the information mentioned on this card is required.

Discount cards – These cards are not used frequently; but add unnecessary bulk in the wallet. Carry the bar code information about these numerous cards on single paper and you are ready to use all the cards anytime and anywhere.

A minimalist wallet is required to accommodate the above mentioned essentials. The wallets made up of neoprene material are slip resistant and keep the content snugly fitted. Safeguarding the wallet content and the wallet itself is important. Varying in different colors, styles and material, these wallets can be bought from online stores at reasonable rates. Reputed stores add value to your shopping experience by offering free shipping.

Flaunting an elegant no fold wallet is a style statement. Be on time, be trendy!

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