Monday, 24 February 2014

Why Use a No-Fold Wallet

For some people, a wallet is just a flat case to carry their money, IDs, credit cards and receipts. For others, a wallet is among the most important accessories they own. While some people never give a second thought to the one and only wallet they use, others own a whole collection of wallets of various kinds!

Let us talk about how a “bad” wallet can drop your style quotient and what all goes into making a wallet a stylish accessory.

What makes a wallet look (and act) bad?
All wallets look great when new. Then we start using them to store bills, credit cards, IDs, small pictures, business cards, receipts, ticket stubs… and the list just keeps adding up! Most people overlook the fact that they use only about 4-5 cards regularly apart from their regular ID’s and some bills. Most other cards, such as loyalty or bonus cards, membership cards, business cards, etc., lie in a wallet for no reason. In fact an average wallet might contain up to 10 useless or expired cards!

Over stuffing a wallet causes it to be out of shape. Bulging compartments in a wallet ultimately lead to ripping seams, making the contents unsafe. Moreover, whether one uses a leather wallet or a metallic one, its outer surface is prone to damage by grime, dust, water and heat.

What is the way out?
A far cry from the boring and bulky traditional folding wallets, these days one can find a variety of slim wallets. They are simple no-fold wallets made of neoprene and silicone. These wallets look trendy and are very convenient to use. Let us talk about the benefits of using no fold wallets for men and women:
  • No fold men’s wallets look stylish
  • Extremely light weight
  • No fold wallets for women are available in a variety of colors
  • Unlike a folding wallet, they never get cluttered
  • They are safe to use as they fit well into smallest of pockets
  • They are easy to retrieve the contents from
  • Being compact and slim, they do not lay stress on the dress pockets
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Their neoprene material grips to the users clothing, eliminating the risk of the wallet slipping out 
 Where to buy perfect wallets?The answer to this lies at our fingertips! Yes, with the internet, we can get these funky, cool minimalist wallets using our fingertips. One can search online for slim wallets.

Many online retailers sell these trendy no fold wallets. Look for a reputed brand online. Browse through the retailer website and check out the images of wallets. Most websites describe the products well, giving a fair idea about the products listed in the online catalogs.

One can simply make an online payment and get the wallets home delivered as per the website’s shipping terms. Most retailers offer standard free shipping on a minimum order.

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