Monday, 10 March 2014

Beat the Bulge in Your Pocket with a Magic Wallet

Magic Wallet
When was the last time that you used your old wallet in full view of your family, friends or colleagues… and cringed when they commented on it? I am sure most men know the feeling!

We all have seen this before- I mean, an over-stuffed, out of shape, heavy and “what not” kind of a wallet. Most of us carry them all the time. Not only is it a pain to look for what you need from it, carrying it can be a cause of serious back-ache as well. Imagine sitting for about 6-7 hours in a crooked position with that bulk resting in your trouser back pocket!

Well, the eventful dinner was an eye-opener to me. I figured that I had to slim down my wallet. I discarded my old-world leather wallet and switched to a magic wallet. My latest wallet is a perfect wallet that has simplified a lot for me. Let me tell you how.

How to organize your wallet:

Small changes to your wallet can add up to big and positive changes in your everyday life.

  • Cards- These eat up most of the space in a wallet. It makes more sense to carry only the frequently used credit or debit cards apart from a couple of important IDs. Do away with those bonus cards, stacks of business cards and other add-on cards. My new magic wallet holds up to 10 cards with ease.
  • Cash-With plastics, you don’t really need a lot of cash all the time. As a rule, stop carrying more than 8-10 bills in your wallet.
  • Receipts- Every day, when you return home after a day’s work, go through all the receipts you have collected all through the day. Discard what you do not need again, and stack the useful ones anywhere but in your wallet. I personally stack them in a separate folder that I keep handy at home.
  • Change- How often do we really use the coins that lie in our wallet? They add a lot of weight and volume. Keep the change in your trouser or jacket pocket and keep them away once back home. Your wallet will be happier too!
If you agree with the above points, take my advice, get a unique minimalist wallet. They are just perfect to carry your essentials. In fact, they keep all cards and cash very safe as their compact design makes them fit well into the smallest of pockets.

Nowadays, such magic wallets are a trendy accessory that everyone is talking about. Some of them, made of neoprene and silicone are great waterproof money holders for men. Their material is stain resistant and the construction is such that these wallets float on water, if dropped by accident.

No more fumbling through the contents of a wallet, no more damaged bills or plastics- just a slim wallet that keeps my stuff safe and secure. It fits so snugly that it never slips out of my pocket.

I brought my waterproof money holder online. The attractive make and colors made me get a couple of them for my girl as well, and she loves them a lot. We simply go around town flashing our stylish wallets with great gusto!

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