Tuesday, 18 March 2014

7 Essential Accessories to Make a Man Complete

You keep your wardrobe updated with the latest styles. You stock your closet with an adequate amount of shirts, sweaters, suits and pants for every season and occasion. You also know the value of the right pair of shoes. But there are few more things that can add a touch of class to your personality. Let’s check out these 7 accessories.
  1. Wrist Watch Watch
Despite being surrounded by electronic gadgets, a timepiece worn on a man’s wrist is a classic accessory. It completely fulfills the functionality and style quotient. A man should keep a minimum of two watches in his wardrobe – one for formal occasions and another for informal occasions. A watch with a leather band is considered a formal watch. A watch with a plastic (or other material) band is considered a casual watch.
  1. PenPen
It is an item that people take for granted. Of course you can jot down any information in your PDA using a stylus but carrying a sophisticated pen is always great practice. It helps in many ways, whether signing a check or noting directions. A signature pen placed in your shirt/suit pocket is an accessory that every professional must carry around.
  1. Belt Belt
Your attire is incomplete without this strapping accessory. You can be appreciated for matching your belt color with the color of your shoes. A black leather belt with a silver buckle is the best bet. To add to the collection, you should add belts of different colors and materials. Choose the right size of your belt for a clean appearance.
  1. Cufflinks Cufflinks
Cufflinks are the accessories that set you a class apart. A man uses cufflinks to refine his style. The subtlest details of an outfit define the wearer’s personality more loudly. One cannot deny the impression carved by cufflinks teamed up with a shirt or suit. Solid colored cufflinks can go well with all types of shirts and reflects your positive side.
  1. HatHat
A man with a hat is always a point of attraction. When worn with confidence, you can easily secure a safe place in many memories. A hat creates an illusion of added height. By getting a taller appearance, you can be noticed easily, and you know that height commands authority and respect during a first encounter. Look for a lightweight and breathable hat to protect yourself from sun rays and rain.
  1. Sunglasses Sunglasses
Your sunglasses must compliment your face, personality and the situation that you are in. One must keep two pairs of sunglasses in his wardrobe. One pair should be a classic style for everyday use that can also go with formals, and another pair that are a little more stylish to go with casual clothes. Remember, quality sunglasses are good for the eyes and they make you look great.
  1. Wallet
    Lightweight Wallet
You wouldn’t think of stepping out of the house without a wallet. A wallet should securely hold all of your important things and snugly fit into your pocket. The wallet you choose must meet your needs. We all know that whenever you have an empty space in your wallet you’ll fill it; so keep a compact lightweight wallet to avoid walking around with two inches of bulge at your backside. Its size should be sufficient to carry your essential cards (identification and money management) and a few bills. A unisex minimalist wallet is a great alternative to traditional bi-fold wallets.

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