Monday, 21 April 2014

No fold wallets for men and women - The way to go

No fold Wallet
Few people give any thought to changing their wallets. The few who do are most likely to try and find something similar to their old wallet, so that they can retain everything that was in the old one, the useful along with the excess baggage. More often than not, that old wallet is one of those leather folding ones; a traditional wallet that our grandfathers used. Despite being dissatisfied with their old wallet – due to its discoloration over time, frequent wear and tear, change of texture and an unhygienic condition still do not consider switching to the slimmer and sleeker no fold wallets.

There are several advantages of using no fold wallets. For starters, having a no-fold wallet compels you to de-clutter your wallet, and rightly so. That receipt from a few months back that you still hold in there needs to go. These wallets have room to hold just about 10 cards, two or so IDs, and some cash, which is more than you need from a wallet. No fold men’s wallets are slim, and can easily fit into the front pocket of your pants, thereby reduce chances of accidental loss and/or theft from your back pocket.

Another upside to the minimalistic no fold wallet is that they are unisex; you can get no fold wallets for women in attractive feminine colors. These wallets feel almost weightless; this makes them a staple for style conscious women as they can fit into the snuggest dress pocket without that glaring bulge. Definitely the ‘in thing’ for a night out in town or a beach outing, the no fold wallet gives no worries of having to watch that purse when all that the girl wants is to have fun!

No fold wallets are designed to be compact so that you can easily retrieve and replace cash or cards without dropping other contents. Made from waterproof and sweat-resistant silicone and neoprene, these wallets are available in the most alluring colors. From basic soft pastels to bolder hues, the no fold wallets for men and women come in a variety of designs; so pick one that suits you best.

People are always wondering what gifts to get for their loved ones on special occasions. If you are one of them, why not gift your loved ones a minimalist, sleek unisex wallet? It’s unique, it’s out of the box, and they are going to love it, whether the receiver is your college going kid, or an aunt you were going to get a cashmere sweater for. A college going student would find a no-fold wallet particularly useful for tucking in all the IDs – gym, library, license along with credit cards.

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